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Xylent Maintenance Kit Suits all models with Xylent Head


(Price does not include taxes, shipping and installation)

Case complete with: 

  • 1 cleaning/degreasing liquid bottle for the resins cleaning 
  • 1 dynamometric key set to 5,7 Nm 
  • 2 bit Torx T20 
  • 10 inserts 15x15x2,5 
  • 5 screws M6x15 T20 
  • 1 brass bristle brush to clean the spindle with mounted inserts 
  • 1 steel bristle brush to clean the inserts housings 

Available for the following models of the nova, class and L’invincibile ranges produced starting from 01/08/2015: nova s 520, nova s 630, nova f 410, nova f 520, class f 410, class f 520, class s 520, class s 630, L’invincibile f 7, L’invincibile f 7, L’incincibile fs 7 
Available for the following models of the minimax range produced starting from 01/08/2015: 
lab 300p, c 26g, c 30g, fs 30g, cu 410es, fs 410es, fs 52es, f 52es, f 41es, s 41es, cu 410e, fs 41e, s 52es, cu 300c, cu 410c, fs 30c, fs 41c 

Available  YES

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