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minimax c 26g X1 Single Phase


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The minimax c 26g affordable universal combined machine, offering the exceptional quality of minimax. Ideal for demanding hobbyists and crafts woodworking workshops, this machine excels in ease-of-use with an inward-opening surfacing worktable and anodized-extruded guides, maximum flexibility with adjustable speeds on the spindle moulder unit and precise cutting with a tiltable saw unit and sliding aluminum carriage.

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Cutting precision

Tilting saw unit with a 250 mm blade and a maximum blade projection from table at 90° of 80 mm. The saw unit can be raised and tilted using convenient hand-wheels. The anodized aluminum sliding table, with a 1200 mm stroke, slides next to the blade, thus ensuring better cutting precision.


Maximum flexibility in spindle moulder tool use, with the unit with 2 speed (5000/7500 rpm). The machines have a spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment, a feature which is particularly useful on profiling jobs. Tenoning is easy too, thanks to the aluminum sliding table, the right speed setting and the special protection hood (option).

Practical and ergonomic

To keep the machine compact and make machining easier, the surfacing table opens towards the inside of the machine. Thanks to an efficient feed system, the thicknessing unit can process wood up to 200 mm thick.

CE safety

Genius machines have a rich equipment of CE safety available as standard, such as the spindle protection to carry out machining on curved and shaped profiles.

Grazie ad un efficiente sistema di traino, è possibile portare a spessore legni fino a 200 mm di altezza

Massima flessibilità nell’utilizzo delle frese, con il gruppo toupie dotato di più velocità

Carro scorrevole in alluminio anodizzato con scorrimento a filo lama per una migliore precisione di taglio

  • Tilting saw unit for greater versatility of the machine, it allows to carry out different types of machining, without limitation to creativity
  • Saw unit raising and tilting using convenient hand-wheels which guarantees maximum setting ease between different processes
  • The squaring frame ensures excellent work piece support, to ensure greater safety and precision
  • Extruded aluminum fences with support and rapid locking guarantee maximum practicality.
  • The surfacing table opens towards the inside of the machine guarantees excellent ergonomics, allowing the operator to move easily and without hindrance
  • The spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment is very useful for profiling jobs.
  • Wheels for an easy machine movement

Cutterhead working widthmm / inches260 /10
Jointer bed lengthmm / inches1040 / 41
Max. sawblade diametermm / inches250 / 10
Sawblade arbor sizemm / inches16 / ?
Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45°mm / inches75/60 2.95/2.36
Cutting width on parallel fence (Rip capacity)mm / inches500 / 20
Max. useful spindle lengthmm / inches75 / 3
Max. tool diameter when profilingmm / inches160 / 6.25
Spindle moulder speedrpm4000/6500
(3x) Single-phase motorsHp2.5