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startech cn plus NC universal drilling and grooving center


(Price does not include taxes, shipping and installation)

startech cn plus has been designed for the small-medium woodworking workshops but also for larger companies that produce customized products, with in house prototype development departments. It is capable to carry out vertical drilling on the panel surface, horizontal drilling on all 4 sides, grooving with integrated disc cutter along “X” axis, standard vertical routing
It stands out for the great electro-spindle power of the drilling head and for the high execution speed with the best quality/price ratio in the entry-level category.
The machine PC includes the SCM Maestro software, which guarantees a superior communication level between the machine and the projects. The panel side-alignment device is automatic (unique in its market segment), guaranteeing a complete machine automation.

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Contact us Installation service for STARTECHCNP | Installation service for STARTECHCNP
For this model the SCM installation is required.

Operating unit positioned above the panel allows a very precise and cleaned working. Furthermore any panel thickness imperfection is hidden inside the furniture (part not in sight).

Brushless motors and and optical barriers for a high productivity

Drilling unit with patented Ro-AX technology: the most reliable on the market with drastic reduction in maintenance times (1000 hours non-stop!)

Machine equipped with the SCM “maestro cnc” software wich allows to create projects and geometrical drawings to be automatically converted in drilling-routing programs for the machine.

  • Base made of welded steel plates to create a large support surface, on which the work
  •   tables are fixed. Electrical cabinet integrated in the base.
  • Anti-scratch backelite work table does not require any adjustment as the grooved
  •   structure allows the heads insertion in any operating condition and guarantees
  •   maximum workpiece stability
  • Drilling head consisting of a drilling head with 8 vertical spindles, 6 horizontal
  •   spindles, integrated blade and a 5.5 kW electric spindle with vertical axis capable to
  •    carry out generic milling in any direction. 
  • Mobile clamp with floating opening which guarantees optimal piece stability and
  •   high working quality.
  • "TP" detecting system for calibrating of opposite panel side reference 
  •   Device capable to read the panel dimension along X direction and automatically
  •   compensate errors on eventual panel size. This device grants a perfect joint between
  •   the panels even if the same are out of tolerance.
  • Panel width measurement device. Automatic measurement device for Y panel
  •   dimension. This system c hecks that the entered panel dimension is the same of the
  •   programmed one by the machine, stopping the machine in case of error.
  •   It is also used to check possible collisions due to a wrong machine programming.
  • Device to increase the drilling pressure along Z axis which increases the axial  
  •   thrust force of the spindles and is particularly useful in the machining of hard
  •   materials or large diameter holes.
  • Centralised lubrication which allows the operator the simple manual daily
  •    maintenance in very reduced time  
  • Automatic lubrication: the correct grease level on the machine moving parts is always
  •   maintained by means of an electronic control Lubrificazione automatica. 
  • Pc-Office with Windows 10 operating system, 19" LCD colour display, Qwerty
  •   keyboard and Hicam interface machine software  
  • TELESOLVE:  teleservice via internet Teleservice system to connect the machine pc
  •   with the service centre via Internet

Max. panel length mm 3.050 (120”)
Min. panel length mm 200 (7.87”)
Max. panel width mm 900 (35.37”)
Min. panel width mm 80 (3.12”)
Max. panel thickness mm 60 (2.31”)
Min. panel thickness mm 10 (0.37")
Max. speed in X axis m/min 40 (131'/min)
Min. speed in X axis m/min 40 (131'/min)
Vertical spindles on F14L drilling head no.

8 (5X-3Y)

Horizontal spindles on F14L drilling head no. 6 (2+2X-1+1Y)
Spindle rotation motor power kW (Hp) 2.2 (3)
Spindle rotation speed rpm 4,200
Rotating spindle motor power (direction)   X
Max. disc cutter diameter mm 125 (4.87")
Disc cutter rotating speed rpm 5,500
Motor power kW (Hp) 5.5
Min/max. speed rpm 1,000/18,000
Tool changer   manual
Max. tool diameter mm 20 (0.75")
Compressed air consumption NI/min 50
Extraction air consumption m3/h

1272+362+814 + 362

(738 + 210 + 472 + 210 CFM)
Exhaust outlets diameter mm

150+120+80 + 80

(5.87” + 4.69” + 3.12” +3.12”)
Exhaust air speed m/sec 20 (66'/sec)
Installed motor power KVA 20.7
Voltage/Frequency   230V/60HZ