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minimax tw 55es Spindle moulder - 1ph


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The minimax tw 55es is a spindle moulder that represents the culmination of years of experience in manufacturing quality solid wood SCM products. This is a 4-speed heavy duty joinery machine and is equipped with both a sliding table and tilting spindle. The slider has hardened steel guide ways and precision bearings, so it incorporates the exact technology found in our top selling sliding table saws. The hood has memory pins so if removed, it will go right back into the same position, making this shaper accurate and repeatable.

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Maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle moulder column made entirely of cast iron

The spindle moulder hood uses a system for adjusting the guides with a rack and it is fitted with a mechanical digital readout

Thanks to the system of memories the spindle moulder hood can be removed and repositioned without losing the machining position

Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the sliding table 360 mm wide. The guides are secured with a procedure of aluminum riveting, so that to ensure an exceptional precision and smoothness

  • The shaper spindle is surrounded by a cast iron “cup” to protect the internal mechanical components from shavings and sawdust
  • The 4 standard speeds of the shaper are ideal for any type of machining, from shaping to routing to tenoning, with the possibility to fit tools up to 275 mm of diameter
  • The shaper has a tiltable spindle moulder  90° ÷ 45° for the maximum versatility and has all the handwheels, with gravitational readouts, on the front of the machine for easy unit positioning
  • The sliding table ensures a top quality precision with a smooth and silent action, a self-cleaning dustproof system, and a long lasting accuracy with no adjustments required
  • The support table has an angular profiling device with flip-over stops that is very useful also for small work pieces


mm (in)

- spindle moulder diameter


- max. useful spindle length

100 (3.94”)

- spindle tilting                    

-45° ÷ +45°

- spindle moulder speeds



- max. tool diameter when profiling

210 (8.25”)

- max. diam. of tool lowered under the table at 90°

240 (9.44”)

- max. tool diameter when tenoning

275 (10.81”)

Other technical features:


- single-phase motor 

3,6kW (4,8hp) 60Hz

- exhaust outlets diameter

120 (4.75”)