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formula s 540p Band saw


(Shipping and installation* included, taxes not included)
*Applicable only for models that require SCM installation

The S 540P is the big brother of the S 440p. For those looking for single-phase power, but with a larger throat for increased resaw capacity, this is the machine for you. With all of the features of its smaller brother, this bandsaw is for when you need to resaw up to 20” of material. With the right blade, you can easily make your veneers from those big resaw project pieces!

The s 540p formula band saw is equipped with a cast iron work table as well very thick cast iron wheels running on sealed for life ball bearings
This has a positive effect on the stability, precision and therefore reliability of the machine.
The top and bottom high precision blade guides ensure a perfect result when carrying out the straight and tilted cuts on wooden, plastic or aluminum materials

Steel blade and wheels for easy movement of the machine are included in this configuration.

*Photos may include optional equipment. Please verify availability and compatibility under Product Details and Specs. 

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Solidity and sturdiness

Very thick, cast iron wheels, as well as the worktable, running on sealed for life ball bearings.

Safety first

Total safety machining with telescopic protections with rackwork to the blade.

Perfect results

A perfect cut result is assured by the top and bottom high precision blade guides. Practical machines suitable also to perform straight and tilted cuts on wood, plastic and aluminum.


  • Cast-iron squaring fence for maximum stability and cutting repeatability
  • Rack and pinion lifting system of the guide unit for a fast and safe setup
  • Saw blade tensioning indicator that guarantees immediate and continuous control of the value
  • Cast-iron work table with lapped surface for maximum smoothness of the piece
  • Full disc cast iron wheels to keep the blade speed constant during machining
  • Top and bottom blade guide with ball bearings to minimize lateral movements of the blade and therefore increase the precision of the cut
  • Cleaning brush on bottom wheel to reduce the wheel wear
  • Fence for angular cuttings

*Do not include power cable


(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Steel blade
  • Wheels for machine movement
  • Single-phase motor (CANADA version)
Worktable dimensions[mm]520 x 720
Cast iron saw wheels diam.[mm]540
Saw wheels width[mm]38
Max. cutting height (inches) [mm]500 (20”)
Max. cutting width[mm]520
Worktable tilting 0° ÷ 45°
Min./max. blade dimensions[mm]5/35
Standard single-phase motor 3,6kW 4,8hp 60Hz
Exhaust outlet diameter[mm]N° 2 x 120
Miter gauge slot 3/8 x 3/4
Extraction air consumption[m3/h]1630
Exhaust air speed (dry shavings)[m/s]20
Installed motor power[VA]3600