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minimax sc 2c Circular saw


(Shipping and installation* included, taxes not included)
*Applicable only for models that require SCM installation

Our NEW entry level sliding table saw, the minimax sc 2c is a proven design based on years of experience. It is perfect for customers upgrading to their first slider from an American tablesaw. The footprint is small, but the capacity is large. This slider, like all of our sliders, is standard with scoring, and can accommodate a 12” blade. The 5.5’ crosscut capacity is ideal for processing panels.

The minimax sc 2c is a precise, compact and with a low investment circular saw with tilting blade, ideal for small spaces and for those who do not want to give up the reliability of SCM joinery machines.

*Photos may include optional equipment. Please verify availability and compatibility under Product Details and Specs. 

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An incredible cutting with the saw unit with 315mm maximum blade diameter with the scoring blade installed

The scoring unit adjustment complete with blade is carried out from outside the machine by means of with special knobs and without the necessity of keys

SCM Thundercut App for tablet: cutting optimizer and sequencer even for less experienced operators

  • Very high effective saw unit exhaust hood: the emission level is 90% lower with respect to the maximum level allowed by the European safety regulations!
  • The sliding carriage ensures top quality precision, smooth and silent action, self-cleaning dustproof system, long lasting accuracy, no adjustments required.
  • The telescopic squaring rule is equipped with 2 flip-over stops which allow to have precise references that can be used for both profiles.
  • Absolute precision and rapid positioning of the parallel fence which slides on a ground steel round bar
  • Extruded aluminum fences with support and rapid locking guarantee maximum practicality

*Do not include power cable

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Belt driven scoring unit complete with blade
  • Cutting width with parallel fence 1270 mm
  • 2 squaring flip-over stops
  • Single-phase motor 3kW (4hp) 60Hz



Cast iron worktable dimensions

1020 x 325 (40.12 x 12.81”)

Blade tilting

90° ÷ 45°

Max. blade diameter with scoring blade installed

315 (12.37”)

Max. saw blade projection from table at 90°/45°

100/78 (3.87 / 3”)

Max. squaring stroke

1600 (62.94”)

Cutting width on parallel fence

1270 (49.94”)

Other technical features:

Single-phase motor

3kW (4hp) 60Hz

Exhaust outlets diameter

120 (4.75”)