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t 20 Manual trimming machine for straight and shaped panels


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The intelligent and versatile scm t 20 trimming machine that allows you to trim and end cut any type of panel. Designed with exclusive solutions, it allows a quick set up without comparison

The trimming adjustment is carried out in few seconds and without errors by means of the Scm exclusive device which provides a pivoting ring with a decimal dial. In addition, this allows the adjustment of the vertical copier without using any tool.

Interchangeable copying devices for a rapid and precise set up during machining changeover, eliminating the horizontal adjustment. Possibility to work panels with tilted edge up to 45°. Inverter for the best finishing on any type of edge

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Possibility to work panel with tilted edge

Copying devices with vertical -scratch copiers kit to ensure the optimal machine operation and front interchangeable  rotating copying devices kit with hardened, ground chromed contact surfaces

Simple and immediate positioning of tools with reference to the cutting point, by means of pivoting rings with decimal indication(Scm exclusive solution) complete with diamond cutters

  • High rigidity and stability steel monoblock base
  • Anti-scratch phenolic multilayer work table with modular holes complete with supports for the panels support to guarantee no risk of damaging the moving panels
  • Trimming unit with two 0,55 kW motors with support carriages running on ground guides. Manual device for moving the two motors apart vertically in order to facilitate the insertion of curved panels
    Horizontal and vertical adjustments of the upper motor respectively to trim panel with chamfered edge and to adjust the position according to the panel thickness.
    Integrated exhaust outlets to ensure a clean work table at all times without
    hampering the machining
    Pneumatic heads opening with pedal control
  • 200 Hz Inverter for the best finishing on all edege types; complete with electronic brake.
  • Front extension for the support of large dimensioned panels
  • Wheels to allow machine movement

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Pneumatic heads opening with pedal control
  • Front extension for the support of large dimensions panels
  • Wheels to allow machine movement


Panel thickness

mm (in)

14-80 (0.56” – 3.12”) 

Max. edge thickness

mm (in)

4 (0.19”)

Minimum panel width

mm (in)

100 (3.94”)

Minimum panel length

mm (in)

200 (7.87”)

Minimum internal radius

mm (in)

25 (0.94”)

Variable cutters speed


9.000 – 15.000


Compressed air consumption



Exhaust air consumption

m³/h (CFM)

720 (424)

Installed motor power



USA Version -Voltage /Frequency

230V – 60Hz