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balestrini pico tn CNC tenoning machine


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balestrini pico tn is the numerical control tenoning machine with double worktable, dedicated to the execution of square or round-end tenons with 0°-90° tilting for the production of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories.

The productivity is ensured by the two cast iron worktables that allow pendulum machining at the work-piece end in a continuous cycle.
Simplified programming with Maestro active joint software that enables the selection of numerous macros for the programming of tenons with any angle.


*Photos may include optional equipment. Please verify availability and compatibility under Product Details and Specs. 

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N.2 front tilting worktables equipped with adjustable reference fence, workpiece clamping cylinder and rear reference stop for maximum versatility. Easily create tenons on angles or compound angles.

The 10” touch screen PC Panel with Maestro active joint programming software guarantees ease-of-use. Tenon macros simplify programming.

Capable of producing a different tenon on each table increasing flexibility.

Easily produce a wide variety of tenon styles in different materials.

Tenon cycles have been refined to produce a high-quality finish even on difficult profiles.

The tenoning unit with 4.5 kW electro-spindle and 9,000-12,000 rpm rotation speed allows tenon cycles with maximum productivity, up to 720 tenons per hour.

  • Additional pair of reference stops and reference stop on each worktable for processing workpieces shorter than 350
  • N.1 tenoning cutter with hogger for machining solid wood or plastics
  • Tenon depth easily adjusted
  • Perfect for production of outdoor furniture
  • Tool-holder shank with 25 mm diameter
  • Movement of interpolated axes by Brushless motors for high accuracy and rapidity

*Do not include power cable








Dimensions of each table

mm (in)

315 x 360 (12.4 x 14.1)

Longitudinal tilt


0° ÷ 20°

Work-piece support fence rotation


0° ÷ 45°

Work-piece cross-section (width x thickness)



With straight cut min.

mm (in)

15 x 15 (0.59 x 0.59)

With straight cut max.

mm (in)

200 x 50 (7.87 x 1.96)

Work-piece length




mm (in)

120 + length of tenon (4.74)


mm (in)

880 + length of tenon (34.64)

Tenon dimensions



Max. horizontal tenon length

mm (in)

200 (7.87)

Max. thickness

mm (in)

30 (1.18)


mm (in)

8 ÷ 50 (0.31 x 1.96)






0° ÷ 90°







Minimum installation requirement



Installed power


10 KVA - 15 A

Air consumption system machine

NL/min (CFM)

250 (9.0)

Suction air consumption, n. 1 Ø 100 mm

m3/h (CFM)

1 x 850 (500)

Suction air consumption, n. 2 Ø 150 mm

m3/h (CFM)

2 x 1900 (1,120)

Suction air speed

m/s (ft/sec)

25/30 (90)

USA version / Voltage - Frequency


400EU – 50/60 Hz