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nova s 520 Thicknessing planer - Xylent


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The nova s 520 thicknessing planer has several features, one of the most important is the worktable stability, ensured by 4 screws with a large diameter combined with the 2 side linear guides. Another great feature is the rollers interchangeability. Perfect finishing obtained by quick and easy changeover of the rollers that allows the operator to configure the machine drive function in case of special requirements, such as a minimum removal of fine wood and/or batches where multiple pieces of different thicknesses are processed.

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Quick and easy changeover of the rollers thanks to their interchangeable system that allows the operator to configure the machine drive function in case of special requirements such as minimum removals of fine woods.

The stopping of the work piece and the presence of notches on its surface are eliminated due to the movement system on connecting rods of all the three feeding rollers that allows their vertical displacement by rotation so to have the best linear feeding.

The 4 dust protected screws with a large diameter combined with the 2 side linear guides ensure worktable sturdiness and stability, eliminating the necessity of  locking it in position and guaranteeing high precision and reliability over time.

The “Xylent” spiralknives cutter block gives an exceptional finish with reduced noise during machining thus to provide a more comfortable working environment

  • Perfect surfaces and high feeding performance thanks to the planer unit with a rubber outfeed roller
  • Powered worktable lifting with micrometric adjustment for the maximum convenience and precision
  • The “Xylent” cutter block also improves the dust extraction due to the production of very small chips
  • Each cutter of the “Xylent” block has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn, therefore increasing the knives production life before they require replacement
  • The sectioned steel infeed roller allows the simultaneous processing of different workpieces thicknesses giving great results even with minimum removal
  • The thicknessing table with idle rollers is very helpful with the feeding of moist and/or resinous wood. It is particularly suitable for heavy duty woodworking operations and with rough work-pieces


Working width

mm (in)

520 (20.5”)

Worktable dimension mm (in) 530 x 900 (20.87 x 35.44”)
Working height (min/max)   3,5/300 (0.12 x 11.81”)
Max. stock removal mm (in) 8 (0.31”)
Minimum working length mm (in) 220 (8.69”)
Minimum working width mm (in) 10 (0.37”)
Cutterblock speed  rpm 4500
Cuterblock diameter mm (in) 120 (4.75”)
No. 4 knives   35x3x520 (1.37”x0.12”x20.5”)
Feed speed m/min 5-8-12-18
Other technical features:    
three-phase motor   8kW (11hp) 60Hz
exhaust outlets diameter   150 (5.87”)
power absorption  A 25
voltage frequency    230V 60Hz