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me 28t Automatic edgebander with glue pot - 1


(Price does not include taxes, shipping and installation)

The me 28t is an automatic edgebander with a glue pot and pre-milling unit. This guarantees a perfect panel edge surface before the gluing operation through the removal operation of the pre-milling unit with diamond tool that corrects any panel imperfections caused by the saw cutting process and panel storage.
With this automatic edge bander it is possible to edge band, with great flexibility, with melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm and wooden strips up to 5 mm.

Item currently not available

For this model the SCM installation is required.

Perfect panel edge surface before the gluing operation through the removal operation of the pre-milling unit with diamond tool that corrects any panel imperfections caused by the saw cutting process and panel storage

The very best finishing of the panel edge is also guaranteed by the panel conveying track (exclusive solution), which prevents the panel having the feed affected by the typical pulses generated by the pinion of a traditional feed track and ensures a smooth and linear panel movement

Error-free machining is ensured by the simple and intuitive control panel positioned on the front of the machine, that allows an easy selection of all the main functions, among them, the operating units switching on and off. The PLC guides the operator during maintenance, cleaning, diagnostic operations, etc.

Absolute precision offered by the end-cutting unit, with a cutter and an independent asynchronous motor.

The edge scraping unit grants high finishing quality of plastic material edges thanks to the radius knives that ensure the complete elimination of any marks left from the trimming unit tools. The brushing unit with tilted, vertically adjustable motors optimizes the cleaning/polishing action on the panel edge

  • Pre-milling unit with independent exhaust system that ensures the panel cleaning removing dust and chips
  • The glue inside the gluing unit is heated rapidly and evenly by the resistances.
  • The gluing unit automatic reduces the glue temperature after a temporary halt in production when using the machine, avoiding burning of the glue.
  • A new innovative system of self-lubrication of the glue pot, enables a more extensive use of the edge banding machine without the necessity of lubrication.
  • Two rollers press the edge banding evenly and efficiently on to the panel edge.
  • The glue spreading roller with electrical resistance inside provides a uniform glue spread and always at the maximum working temperature even on panels at the maximum working height.
  • To obtain excellent quality finishing and machine versatility, the trimming unit has slide copiers to align perfectly to the work piece and the cutters are designed for straight or radius trimming of any type of edge, whether it is thick or thin, made of PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or wood.
  • The edge thickness to machine with the trimming unit is easily set by means of two numerical readouts.
  • The edge scraping unit has a user-friendly device for exclusion of the unit when it is not in use
  • With the automatic loading for edges in strips, the solid wood edge strips are automatically loaded and synchronized with the introduction of the panels into the machine.

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Automatic loading device for edges in strips
  • Tools kit radius 3 mm instead of radius 2 mm
  • Single-phase version
Workable dimensions[mm]2900 x 570 (114.19”x 22.44”)
Thickness of rolled edges[mm]0.4 ÷ 3 (0.5” ÷ 1.94”)
Thickness of edges in strips[mm]up to 5 (up to 0.19”)
Min. ÷ max. panel height[mm]12 ÷ 50 (0.5” ÷ 1.94”)
Min. ÷ max. panel height using edge scraping unit[mm]16 ÷ 50 (0.62” ÷ 1.94”)
Min. panel length/width with rolled edges[mm]190/110 ( 7.5” / 4.31”)
Min. panel length cut only on the front[mm]120 (4.75”)
Feed speed[m/min]7 (23 f/min)
Feed motor power[kW]0.55
Pneumatic operating pressure[bar]6.5
Exhaust outlet diameter (base)[mm]120 (4.75”)
Exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot)[mm]60 (2.37”)
Operating temperature[°C]20 ÷ 190 (68 ÷ 374 °F)
Motor power[kW]3
Tool rotation speed[rpm]7.200
No. 1 diamond cutterØ 80 mm H=56 Z2 (3.12”)
Stock removal[mm]0.5/1/1.5/2 (up to 0.06”)
Motor power[rpm]0.18
Glue capacity[kg]~ 0.8 (1.8 lbs)
Motor power[kW]0.75
End cutting bladeØ 90 mm Z20 (3.56”)
Blade rotation speed[rpm]12.000
Motor power[kW]0.75
Widia cuttersØ 75 mm Z4 (2.94”)
Cutters rotation speed[rpm]12.000
Motor power (each)[kW]0.14
Brush rotation speed[rpm]2800