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ti 7 Spindle moulder


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Buying "L'invincibile ti 7" spindle moulder means you get a customised solution because it is the result of years of experience, technical research, Italian creativity.
The heart of this machine is the Electrospindle: machining centre technology service for the woodworker. Absolute machining precision and absence of vibration due to the perfectly balanced structure of the electrospindle. The electrospindle’s direct drive eliminates maintenance procedures common with conventional belt driven systems. But this spindle moulder has many great features: discover them all by going through the product page.

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For this model the SCM installation is required.

Electrospindle: machining centre technology service for the woodworker.

Absolute machining precision and absence of vibration due to the perfectly balanced structure of the electrospindle. The electrospindle’s direct drive eliminates maintenance procedures common with conventional belt driven systems

Less movement for faster setting-up, due to the unique movement mechanism of the spindle (SCM patent), which allows the operator to position independently the height of the tool with the tilted spindle and the moulder fence.

Tool detection systemsetting up speedily and safely. The system eliminates any manual operation for setting up the required work allowing the operator to automatically input all the work data. Higher operator’s safety: the possibility to select only the programs associated with the tool installed eliminates possible dangerous situations. Less input data, fewer errors, immediately ready to work

Rapid tool changeover HSK: flexible and safe with a time saving of 75% in the machine set up compared to the traditional systems. Maximum coupling precision with the double air jet system that keeps contact surfaces clean.

EASY TOUCH: the satisfaction of fast and easy-to-use control of all machine functions with the 12” flat touch-screen colour display. The system guides the operator every step of the way offering suggestions that avoids the operator making any mistakes. Information windows instruct the operator as to what to do on the next operation ensuring the operator works in complete safety

  • Maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle moulder column made entirely of cast iron
  • The shaper spindle is surrounded by a cast iron “cup” to protect the internal mechanical components from shavings and sawdust
  • The electrospindle is controlled by an inverter for speed changes electronically from 900 to 12.000 rpm for the maximum flexibility
  • Great versatility thanks to the shaper with a tiltable spindle moulder -45,5° ÷ +45,5°
  • Optimal machine cleaning and a healthy environment due to an efficient exhaust system with side outlets integrated in the spindle moulder unit
  • Maximum performance granted by the spindle moulder unit which positioning system is made using the latest technology of the screws with recirculating ball-bearings and the linear guides that guarantee a total absence of vibration and wear, therefore much reduced maintenance (centralised lubrication)
  • High performance due to the Easy Touch storage capacity up to 1000 programs and 500 tools to be imported in the database
  • For the most recurring machining jobs it is possible to set the dimensions of the required profile and select the tool to be used: Easy Touch will create the dedicated program to carry out the required machining operations so that working becomes easier and more precise
  • "Flex" system: a single, simple movement to retract and re-position instantly and accurately the position of the fence on the worktable with such precision that no other control is necessary
  • Easy Touch automatically adjusts the entire fence according to the tool diameter and manages the infeed fence with reference to the requested removal
  • Through the Easy Touch it is possible also to electronically control the "Fast" sectional table that provides the optimal support for the work-piece being machined close to the tool, allowing the adjustment with mounted tools and the very best quality finish when machining narrow pieces
  • The machine is equipped with a feeder support with automatic adjustment with reference to the workpiece thickness to be processed and managed from the Easy Touch electronic control. The device, utilizing the column support of the upper mobile control panel allows the easy exclusion of the feeder from the working table when not used
  • The Easy Touch control panel is located on an upper overhead console, in an ergonomic position
  • The machine comes with a mobile trolley complete with two racks to comfortably handle all the tools spindles
  • The carriage on the worktable, with easy fitting and removal system when needed, is ideal for tenoning of small work-pieces and to perform mitre cuts with angles of ± 60°

spindle moulder diameter


1 1/4"

max. useful spindle length


180 (7”)

spindle tilting


-45,5° ÷ +45,5°

spindle moulder speeds


900 ÷ 12.000

max. tool diameter when profiling


250 (9.81”)

max. diam. of tool lowered under the table at 90°


300 (11.75”)

max. tool diameter when tenoning


250 (9.81”)

Other technical features:



electrospindle motor 


7,5kW (10hp) 60Hz

exhaust outlets diameter


120 (4.75”)