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minimax t 124 Wood turning lathe


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The minimax t124 wood turning lathe contains all the features that a good lathe must have: powerspeedweightstabilityandstiffness

The power must be adequate to the size of the piece being machined, this is why the minimax woodturning lathes have a power of 1,8kW and 4 speeds (680 / 1200 / 2200 / 3000 rpm) so they can machine small and large pieces.

The stability, the weight and the stiffness are three elements that are strictly linked to each other; The main characteristic is the size (width and thickness) of the woodturning lathe body and the size and weight of the legs of the base; for this reason the minimax woodturning lathe stands out from the rest thanks to its sturdiness and stability that guarantee extremely precise machining.

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More Details

Total safety for the operator thanks to the transparent guard.

Full range of devices to realize your creativeness.

  • Maximum reliability and precision, with its strong base
  • The copier device enables copying work at diameters greater or smaller than the template or pattern, and has a feed by hand-wheel
  • The mobile steady rest, with pre-cutting tool, guarantees a perfect finishing
  • The revolving tail centre with morse taper 2 ensures that the piece is dragged without cutting it to support it.

distance between centresmm(in)1150 (45.25”)
centres heightmm(in)200 (7.87”)
4 chuck speedsrpm680/1200/2200/3000
tape drive with morse taper 2 N
ball bearing centre with morse taper 2 N
faceplate diametermm(in)130 (5.12”)
single-phase motormm(in)1,8kW (2,5hp) 60Hz
section of electrical cable  mm2(in2)4 (0.19”)
power absorptionA10
voltage - frequency  230V - 60Hz