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formula s 440p Band saw


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The s 440p formula band saw is equipped with a cast iron work table as well very thick cast iron wheels running on sealed for life ball bearings
This has a positive effect on the stability, precision and therefore reliability of the machine.
The top and bottom high precision blade guides ensure a perfect result when carrying out the straight and tilted cuts on wooden, plastic or aluminum materials.

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  • Cast-iron squaring fence for maximum stability and cutting repeatability
  • Rack and pinion lifting system of the guide unit for a fast and safe setup
  • Saw blade tensioning indicator that guarantees immediate and continuous control of the value 
  • Cast-iron work table with lapped surface for maximum smoothness of the piece 
  • Full disc cast iron wheels to keep the blade speed constant during machining
  • Top and bottom blade guide with ball bearings to minimize lateral movements of the blade and therefore increase the precision of the cut
  • Cleaning brush on bottom wheel to reduce the wheel wear

worktable dimensionsm/min420 x 578 (16.56” x 22.75”)
cast iron saw wheels (17.31”)
saw wheels widthmm(in)33 (1.31”)
max. cutting height (inches) mm(in)440 (17.31”)
max. cutting widthmm(in)425 (16.75”)
worktable tilting 0° ÷ 45°
min./max. blade dimensionsmm(in)6/30 (0.25”/1.19”)
standard single-phase motormm(in)3,6kW 4,8hp 60Hz
exhaust outlet diametermm(in)N° 2 x 120 (4.75”)


Extraction air consumptionm3/h1630
Exhaust air speed  (dry shavings)m/s20 (65.62’)
Installed motor powerVA3600
Voltage Frequency 220 V 60 Hz