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dmc sd 30 Automatic wide belt sander (RCS 110 version)


(Shipping and installation* included, taxes not included)
*Applicable only for models that require SCM installation

dmc sd 30, automatic wide belt sander, ideal for small-sized woodworking company that requires precision when carrying out calibrating and sanding operations on solid wood and veneered panels for superior finishing quality.

It features a sturdy and ergonomic steel main frame, the eye-S control panel and a brand new HMI which follows the Maestro active design system that improves the user experience by enhancing the functionalities of the wide belt sander.

Optimization of dmc sd 30 set-up time due to the electronic positioner of the working width. While the natural rubber belt delivers a continuous panel grip for maximum steadiness during sanding process.
“RCS” version (Roller Unit and Combined Unit) grants high flexibility for a top quality finishing in a single passage.

*Photos may include optional equipment. Please verify availability and compatibility under Product Details and Specs. 

Item currently not available

For this model the SCM installation is required.

Consolle eye-S 10” with Maestro active s.

Automatic table positioner with automatic detection of workpiece thickness for consistently accurate machining with no risk of operator error.

Diamond carpet: provides the best traction for the workpiece, and the larger support surface also ensures its stability.

  • Grooved steel calibrating roller on 1st group provides the maximum precision on heavy calibrating operations, even on wood with a differentiated grain and knotted solid wood;
  • Elastic sectional pad, thanks to its capacity of adapting the irregular surfaces, it can be used for veneered panels sanding, even when they are not perfectly flat;
  • On/off pneumatic selector on the roller unit for the roller position adjustment according to the abrasive belt width;
  • On/off pneumatic selector for pad unit and combined unit. It allows the roller exclusion, or the sanding pad exclusion or both of them, from the sanding process while maintaining the working table position unchanged;
  • 15 kW (20 Hp) main motor;
  • Feed belt speed with 2-speeds variable feed motor (4,5/9 m/min)
  • Electronic positioning device for a precise and fast working table opening;
  • Automatic feed belt centering for a longer lifespan of the belt, an electro-pneumatic system keeps the feed belt on track, perfectly centred and tensioned at all times;

*Do not include power cable

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • "B" version for RCS 95 - RCS 110
  • Single-phase transformer
  • RA grooved steel calibrating roller, 1st group
  • 15 kW (20 Hp) 2-speeds main motor
  • Automatic device for feed belt tracking and tensioning
  • 10” Control panel with “eye-S” integration software
Working widthmm (inches)1.100 (43”)
Min/max machining thicknessmm (inches)4 – 170 (0.16 – 6.7”)
Sanding belt widthmm (inches)1.115 (44”)
Abrasive belts lengthmm (inches)1.900 (75”)
Two groups shared motorkW (Ch/CV)15 (20)
Feed belt motor powerkW (Ch/CV)0.3 / 0.55 (0.4 / 0.7)
Feed belt speedm/min (ft/min)4,5/9 (15/30)
Compressed air consumptionNl/min (cfm)70 (2.5)
Extraction air consumptionm3/h (cfm) 2.440 (1.436)
Exhaust air speedm/sec (ft/sec)22 (72)
Installed motor power(kVA)26
Canada Version Voltage /Frequency [V] – [Hz] 600 - 60