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morbidelli cx100 CNC drilling and grooving centre


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The morbidelli CX100 is a compact vertical cnc machining center for wood panels. This high-performance drilling and routing machine can process up to 400 panels per shift, even though it only occupies 8m2 (<100 ft2) of floorspace. A primary working unit equipped with 18 independently fired drills guarantees repeated accuracy and precision on 5 sides of the panel due to the SCM patented Ro.Ax (Roto-Axial) drilling head design. An on-board 3-axis router and integrated grooving blade expand the capabilities of the cx100, ensuring that any additional processing of machined panels is reduced. The feed-thru clamp design ensures that this technology can be used for any batch size since the setup time between panels is zero. The CX100 is ergonomically comfortable to reload and because it is controlled by SCM’s Maestro Software Suite the operator will be assured a powerful and user-friendly HMI experience. 

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For this model the SCM installation is required.

The highest performance drilling technology on the market is installed with the Ro.Ax (Roto-Axial) F18L drilling unit from Hiteco. Fewer and larger internal components mean the head can drill faster and more accurately and requires 10X less maintenance than other units. An inverter is included to boost drilling speeds up to 8,000rpm

Each panel can be automatically measured to check for variance in the length and width, eliminating the possibility of erroneous positioning of the machining operations on the finished panel

Made possible by the clamp holding design and the vertical worktable, the machine requires no operator intervention between batch 1 panels to set up the machine

The highest quality of finished casegoods is maintained through intelligent design of the CX100. By drilling and routing on the top face of the panel any variance in panel thickness is disguised on the finished product

  • Hiteco 4.5 kW (6HP) Electrospindle for routing operations,capable of speeds up to 24,000 rpm and featuring HSK63F tool attachment with rapid tool change.
  • An integrated photocells safety system to guarantee maximum operator safety.
  • Self-adjusting movable clamp for 10-60mm (.4”-2.3”) thicknesses.
  • Axes movement on prismatic linear guides and recirculating ball bearings.
  • Side supports for machining of long workpieces.
  • Brushless motors for high precision and movement speed up to 40m/min.
  • Maestro Active CNC CAD/CAM software application designed and developed entirely by SCM in the Windows® environment that allows for easy programming of parts.
  • Control console with "eye-M" integrated PC connected to the CNC machine which allows the use of the factory software. A 21,5” LCD multi-touch color display, extended keyboard and comfortable support for the mouse create a comfortable and ergonomic experience for the operator.
  • An additional key for Maestro CNC CAD/CAM software is included for use on an office computer to alleviate the requirement to program at the machine.


Max. panel dimensions 

mm (in)3050x900x60 (120.0”x35.4”x2.3”) 
Min. panel dimensionsmm200x70x10
X-Y axes speedm/min (ft/min)40 (1,575)
Connection tools with cylindrical shank,Ø mm10
Max. tools diametermm (in)70 (2.75”)
Vertical spindlesn.12 (7X-5Y)
Horizontal spindlesn.2+2 (X) 2(Y)
Rotating spindles motor powerkW/Hp2,2/3
Spindles speedrpm3000-8000
Fixed integrated disc cutter (direction)  X
Max. diameter of disc cuttermm (in)125 (4.9”)
Disc cutter rotating speedrpm5.500
Motor power (S6)kW4,5
Max. speed.rpm24.000
Manual tool changer HSK63F
Max. tool diametermm (in)20 (0.78”)

Compressed air consumption

Extraction air consumptionm³/h1900+550+300
Exhaust air speedm/sec30
Installed motor powerkVA21
Exhaust outlet diametermm150+80+60
Usa- Canada Version Voltage /Frequency  230V – 60HZ