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startech cn k  Compact 3-axis machining centre


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startech cn k is the new 3-axis machining centre designed for the artisan carpentry, training schools and prototyping departments of industrial realities. It is able to carry out all types of milling, decorations, engraving,signboard creation and 3D model prototyping.
Thanks to its ease of set up and use it can also be installed independently Designed with the highest safety standards in mind, startech cn k is the only one in its category equipped with an integral cabin with internal LED lighting, which ensures absolute protection for the operator and keeps the surrounding environment clean.
The extremely rigid and robust structure guarantees professional precision and repeatability.

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Maximum safety with the integral cabin that ensures operator protection and keeps the working environment clean

Unique in its category with the 2,2 kW S6 (18000/24000 rpm) powerful electro-spindle with R25 tool-chuck generally used on higher-segment machines

Easy programming with the “open” virtual human-machine interface capable of importing G-code from any type of CAD / CAM software.(it is advisable to verify with the software supplier that the CAD/CAM provides a G-code that can be read from the interface).

  • Integral protection cabin with plexiglass front door  (unique in its category)
  • NC mouvement with 3 interpolating axes
  • Ethernet port for user PC connection (PC not included)
  • Aluminum work table with "T" grooves
  • Internal LED lightening
  • HICAM2 virtual human-machine interface
  • Support base with wheels and adjustable feet (500 mm height) for an easy machine handling
  • Kit of 5 pneumatic suction cups that can be positioned on the work table to assure ease-of-use and accuracy
  • Tool height detection sensor for an absolute reliability

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Machine support base with wheels and adjustable feet (500 mm height)
  • Kit of 5 pneumatic suction cups that can be positioned on the work table
  • Tool height detection sensor
Work table dimensionsmm1170x60 (46"x2.3")
"T" groove dimensionsmm13.5x7 opening 8.5 for passage of M8 screw or nut
X-Y-Z strokesmm915-610-176(36"-24"-6.9")
Z work piece clearancemm160 (6.3")
X-Y-Z max. axis strokem/min5-5-2,5
Min. distance of the spindle ring from the work tablemm10 (0.3")
Hiteco electro spindle motor powerkW2.4 S6 a 300Hz
Max. rotating speedrpm24,000
Tool chuckR25
Max. tool holder diametermm16 (0.6")
Max. tood diametermm60 (2.3")
Power supplyV (Hz)230 (50) single phase
Rated currentA16 (0.6")
Extraction air consumptionm3/h115
Exhaust aid speedm/s20
Exhaust outlet diametermm40 (1.6")
Compressed air consumptionNI/min120
Pneumatic system operating pressurebar6.5