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nova si 300s Circular saw


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Essential configuration with complete equipment to carry out professional machining. Maximum torsional rigidity and the total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades during tilted and difficult cuts. The wide section of the carriage, with closed reticular geometry provides extreme rigidity and minimum deflection. A smooth operating motion is guaranteed over time by the system of sliding bearings running on hardened steel guides using an exclusive method of mechanical fixing.

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The saw blade lifting of the saw unit is carried out by a sturdy cast-iron structure with sliding on ground round slideways which guarantee the best accuracy. The unit tilting is carried out on cast-iron rotation sectors in a crescent shape to ensure reliability over time

Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the sliding table 360 mm (14.19”) wide. The carriage sliding system is guaranteed for 10 years: a proof of reliability and technology without comparisons

Vertical and horizontal adjustments of the scoring unit are carried out by user-friendly mechanical levers that operate directly making precise and smooth movements. The useful mechanical stops allows immediately finding of the set position

All the handwheels are on the machine front: always user friendly and precise. The dedicated gears box (SCM solution), fully protected from dust, provides a smooth and direct transmission so that every minimum handwheel movement corresponds to a precise blade adjustment

SCM Thundercut App for mobile devices: optimizer/sequencer even for not skilled workers

  • Maximum torsional rigidity and total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades during tilted and difficult cuts
  • The saw blade uses 100% of the motor power, thanks to the scoring blade with an independent motor
  • The machine is provided with a 120 mm (4.75”) diameter, manually expandable scoring blade with variable thickness from 2,8 to 3,6 mm (0.12”) for the maximum versatility
  • The guides of the sliding table are secured with a procedure of aluminium riveting, so that to ensure an exceptional precision and smoothness
  • The telescopic squaring fence with inclined metric scale and two reversible stops can be used to square panels measuring 1600 x 2600 mm (62.94” x 102.31”) and for mitre cuts at up to 45° on both sides of the frame
  • The round cross-section sliding bar for the parallel fence with micrometric adjustments ensures a smooth, fast and especially precise positioning of the fence

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Ripping capacity on parallel fence 1270 mm
  • Motor 7kW - 50 HZ (8kW - 60 HZ)
  • Expandable scoring blade
  • "DADO" machining
  • 1” saw spindle for "DADO" machining USA-Canada
  • Overhead saw guard with incorporated dust extraction



Blades tilting


90° ÷ 45°

Max. saw blade diam. with scoring blade installed


315 (15.37”)

Max. saw blade projection from table at 90°/45°


100/70 (3.87”/2.75”)

Scoring blade diameter


120 (4.75”)

Squaring stroke


1600 (62.94”)

Cutting width on parallel fence


1270 (49.94”)

Other technical features:


Three-phase motor


8kW (11hp) 60Hz

Exhaust outlets diameter


120 (4.75”)