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class tf 130 Spindle moulder


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The Class tf 130 spindle moulder is essential and professional at the same time.

A couple of very important aspects in woodworking are sturdiness and versatility. These are guaranteed thanks to the characteristic of the spindle moulder unit, that gives maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle moulder column made entirely of cast iron. In addition to reliability there is the ease of use and with the adjustable spindle moulder fence we perfectly reach this goal; in fact a handle provides the setting-up of the infeed table, which effects the removal and it is verified by an index on a metric scale.

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Maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle moulder column made entirely of cast iron. The shaper spindle is surrounded by a cast iron “cup” to protect the internal mechanical components from shavings and sawdust.

The operator easily adjusts the unit movement due to the hand wheel with mechanical decimal readout located on the front of the machine for a precise and reliable machine’s set up.

The spindle moulder fence with mechanical programming and digital readouts ensures accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre in positioning the tables so that no more test runs are required to get the desired result.

  • The 5 standard speeds of the shaper are ideal for any type of machining, from shaping to routing, with the possibility to fit tools up to 250 mm of diameter
  • The side handles make it easy to remove and reposition the spindle moulder fence from the worktable
  • Top power! The machine has a 8kW (11hp) 60Hz motor with automatic star-delta starter

(Options and accessories included with this machine)

  • Spindle moulder fence with mechanical adjustment
  • MK5 interchangeable spindle
  • Spindle moulder shaft of 1 1/4"
  • Locking by countersunk socket screw
  • Locking without slot
Spindle moulder diameter1 1/4"
Max. useful spindle lengthmm(in)180 (7.06”)
Spindle moulder speeds rpm3000/4500/6000/7000/10.000
Max. tool diameter when profilingmm(in)250 (9.81”)
Max. diam. of tool lowered under the table at 90°mm(in)300 (11.81”)
Three-phase motormm(in)8kW (11hp) 60Hz
Exhaust outlets diametermm(in)120 (4.75”)
Power absorption 25
Voltage frequency230V - 60Hz